28 September 2009

The Beatles: Rockband (short film / trailer)

Not sure how this passed me by. Thanks to Thinking Animation blog for posting and apologies to those who've seen it already.

From what I've seen of The Beatles: Rockband game, this short bears little resemblance to the in game characters. Personally, I think if the fab four and the rest of the game looked like this I'd be straight down the shops.

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14 September 2009


Another twitter "thanks to" for this one.
Illustrator James Jarvis and Shynola director Richard Kenworthy have collaborated on a lovely new film for Nike.

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

The film is Jarvis's first. To get the accurate running action, Kenworthy filmed Jarvis (a very keen runner) on a treadmill, then recreated his movements (it's not motion capture).

Art (and animation is art) is very much a personal thing. Some people will love it, some won't. Now, I found myself looking at the still image for this short wondering whether I could actually be bothered to watch it. I've always found (and this is my personal thing) this sort of animation style a bit dull and tedious. But I'm really glad I clicked play. If this isn't mocap (as I'm lead to believe) then it is delightfully observed. The music and the break up in pace (like opening the gate) make the whole film flow wonderfully, and at times I forgot I was watching animation.
Thanks Muttpop.

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4 September 2009

Tip: Deleting keyframes

This post comes thanks to an #animtip posted by Justin Henton recently on twitter. He suggested assigning a button on your Maya shelf for deleting keys from your timeline. Great tip, I find myself having to delete keys (mainly mistakes) all the time! So why not make it a hotkey instead? Works for me.

Now after a little bit of trial and error, I've assigned my "delete key" to Alt+z with the command:
  • timeSliderClearKey;
Assigning hotkeys has always a little bit hit and miss for me. I find myself constantly changing my mind of what key to assign to what command. For me Alt+z just made sense (with Ctrl+z being undo).

Thanks Justin for the inspiration.

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